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Mission Statement

We are devoted to creating accountability by requiring change around issues of social and racial inequality at the foundational university level. With theoretical preparation, we are helped by legal stencils for design and best academic writing services from https://bestwritingservice.com/ so we have qualitatively prepared materials.

With urgency and conviction, we are committed to disarming the realities of institutional injustice, beginning with the context of Seattle Pacific University, whose structures, students and leadership have contributed to the realities of discriminatory injustices.

The petition that we released is to begin challenging and reconstructing those institutional frameworks at SPU that disproportionately constrain human development for its marginalized groups through unquestioned, unchecked, and unexamined practices, policies, values, narratives, and socio-cultural presuppositions.

Our petition was not written as a final answer to the social and systemic inequities and iniquities at SPU. There are elements of thought, procedure, and policy that we have left intentionally absent, as this petition was not written to be a comprehensive or fixed directive. Such a process of progress requires a larger action of collaboration and dialogue between all involved parties. However, such dialogue can be constructive and productive only if the concerns of the marginalized minority are first thoroughly heard and then responded to. Predictive and preemptive words of dissention—which are based on self-directed assumptions of our mission—will do nothing to bring about the progress we envision at SPU through this petition.