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Choosing a necklace - tips, rules, recommendations

Accessories are an important part of any image. They emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the appearance, bring individuality and originality to the ensemble, and attract the admiring glances of others. However, in order to achieve this, the jewelry must harmonize with your face type, hair, and skin tone, as well as suit your clothes. And our article will tell you how to wear and where to buy on ukrburshtyn.com one of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry!

Necklace - what is it?

If you are going to choose an ornament for your neck, you should first understand what they are, because the models offered by designers differ radically in terms of materials, length, and massiveness. Here is one of the classifications:

  • corals are created from separate elements strung on a single basis (thread, jewelry cord, wire);
  • a necklace is a product in the form of a hoop or chain with evenly spaced inserts of precious stones along its entire length. They are of the same or different design, have a separate frame or are combined with the general frame;
  • a necklace is an accessory with a pronounced central part that stands out due to its size or complex composition. To the edges, the details are reduced, turning into ordinary chains, cords, ribbons.

What types of necklaces are there?

Here are the main types of this amazing jewelry:

  1. collar (30-35 cm). The name comes from the English the words "collar" - "collar, collar", because such jewelry tightly covers the neck;
  2. choker necklace (35-40 cm). The accessory fits quite tightly to the skin, accentuating the hollow between the collarbones. Most often, such works look like a rubber lace with gold or silver fasteners, on which an elegant pendant hangs, but in the world of fashion there are also more extraordinary things;
  3. princess (42-48 cm). A versatile option - depending on the size, shade and decor elements, it will look good both with an office outfit and with a traditional embroidered dress or an evening dress.
  4. Matine (50-63 cm). Often such a necklace is decorated with pendants and medallions. The length of the matinee is perfect for business suits, but it should be worn over a blouse.
  5. opera (66-91 cm). As a rule, such a necklace reaches the waist. They are sometimes worn around the neck several times. The length of the opera will emphasize the slenderness of the female figure.
  6. rope (120-180 cm). This is the longest type of necklace in length. Rope is not used every day, mainly for evening outings. Sometimes such an ornament on the neck is connected by more than one lock.

Length is not the only thing that distinguishes a necklace from a necklace. Here are some popular styles:

  • "riviera collier". The main feature of this product is the almost imperceptible fastening of all parts. The gems appear to be connected by virtually nothing, gliding freely across the body;
  • "fermoir". In such accessories, the central part is a fastener decorated with precious stones, beads, and engraving. Therefore, they are worn "back to front", turning the product so that the lock is on the chest;
  • "slave collar". Such necklaces consist of two elements - a long pendant is attached to the "collar", which tightly covers the neck, falling into the hollow between the breasts;
  • "plastron". One of the most noticeable products is its front part made in the form of a solid bib. The length of the accessory can be adjusted so that it fits the neckline as effectively as possible.

Which necklace will suit your appearance?

The wealth of models created by jewelers is simply amazing! Which of them will suit you?

Women with a round faces should pay attention to elongated jewelry - they will make your features more elegant and aristocratic. But it is better to avoid accessories that fit too tightly (for example, a tight choker), as well as products with many small details because they will visually expand the chin and cheekbones. For petite ladies, works of medium length, with a not-too-massive central element, will suit perfectly. And if you have a long neck and an oval or rectangular face - be sure to try on a wide collar!

Now you know how to choose an ornament for your neck - and our online store "Amber Polissya" will help you buy an amber necklace!