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A Comprehensive Guide to Earring Clasps: Choosing the Right Fastener for Comfort and Style

When selecting earrings, factors like shape, color, and how well they complement one's features are usually the focus. However, comfort is often overlooked, leading to discomfort after prolonged wear. This article written by yantar.ua explores the various types of earring clasps, their advantages, and potential drawbacks, emphasizing the importance of considering both aesthetics and functionality.

  • English Clasp or Shackle Lock:

Common in quality earrings, known for strength and reliability.

Elegant appearance, suitable for jewelry with precious stones.

Drawback: Inability to adjust distance, which may affect appearance and comfort.

  • French Clasp:

Lightweight and comfortable, often used in children's jewelry.

Weakness: Prone to deformation with strong pressure; not ideal for active activities.

  • Italian Clasp:

Modern, adjustable for lobe width, equipped with an additional pin for secure fastening.

Ideal for everyday wear; recommended to remove at night for longevity.

Cloves or Studs:

  • Two types: screw and pin.

Democratic and universal, suitable for various styles and occasions.

Drawback: Some may find screw types inconvenient; removal recommended at night.

  • Eyelet:

Easy to put on and take off, complements the appearance of long earrings or those with pendants.

Drawback: Possibility of loss; tips should not be too sharp to avoid discomfort.

  • Fastener - Pin:

Reliable and convenient, used for voluminous jewelry and hoop earrings.

Drawback: Short pin length; may leave limited space for the lobe.

  • Clasp - Clip:

One of the oldest methods, known for strength.

Convenient but may deform with excessive force; removal recommended at night.

  • Clasp - Ring:

Classic clasp for Creole rings and Kongo earrings.

Strong and reliable but better to remove at night to avoid damage to soft tissues.

  • Clasp - Cuff:

Recent but popular; suitable for various earring types and sizes.

Excellent for evenings, may not be ideal for everyday wear.

  • Fastener - Clip:

Easy to use, contours the lobe perfectly.

Some may find the distance to the lobe limited; should not cause discomfort.

  • Clasp - Chain:

Light, graceful, and elegant; easy to use.

No significant drawbacks; some may get caught in hair, so quality is crucial.

Regardless of the clasp type, trying earrings on in-store is crucial. Comfort should be as prioritized as design. Amber earrings from TM "Yantar Polissya" offer various clasps, each chosen for convenience and reliability. Explore the complete catalog in the "Silver Earrings with Amber" section of the online store.